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Software Creation

Accounting/Billing softwares & Premium softwares with auditing and product management facilites.

Website Design

Creative designing in Photoshop, Neat & Clean convertion in CSS/HTML5 with latest jqueries used.

Web Development

Atomic web development using PHP advanced scripting along with ( when needed ) by qualified developers.

Responsive Design

We do responsive web designs and apps which can be viewed in desktops, tablets & mobile phones and even in phablets..

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Awesome Developers

We have highly quallified developers with knowledge in .NET, php and android app developments

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World Wide Services

Our services are spread over 9 countries with corporate offices as well as franchisees and support centres to serve our clients.

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    Awesome - creative designing in psd and ai

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    Static or Dynamic Sites, Quick & pro development

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    Host your website in 256 Gb Ram Server

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    Highly compatible web designs for all devices

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    I Phone , Android & Web app development

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    Understand latest accounting tips & tricks !

  • Software Development

    Professional Software development & App Development

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    Mostly awarded globally for web developed

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    Business development solutions for affordable rates

Other Services

Accounting services


Financial audit is a legal requirement to manage the discussions on transparency, independence, and improve corporate governance and audit of a clear and consistent standards require strict independence and professional competence, objectivity and that the auditor provide constructive advice to the client regarding the application by applying a risk methodology that is in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and are updated on a regular basis and to develop new technology and guidance on best practices and is designed with an emphasis on early planning and understand how to operate your business. This enables them to identify key risks to the audit in a timely manner by experienced professionals.

Internal Audit

Successful organizations recognize that internal audit can provide a very positive contribution to risk management and smooth operation of the work. Can be for professionals in the internal audit work with you to understand your business strategy and related business, and how this strategy is delivered through the operational plan of action appropriate and within the process. The office can assist companies with daily needs,. And can provide solutions to simplify accounting procedures and bookkeeping for you, so you can get on with running your business knowing that all needs are being taken accounting and legal care in full. This is part of our services:
• Bookkeeping and accounting services
• Preparation of budgets, management accounts and analysis of periodic financial
• Provide temporary or part-time accounting assistance
• Design and implementation of accounting systems
• Preparation of accounting manuals
• Payroll services
• Assist clients with their business strategy to enter 'into the country
• The establishment of new legal entities
• Preserve documents of legal
• Preparation and submission of annual returns


All organizations in need of high audit manner with high quality to ensure that needs legal, regulatory and requirements of the accounting information is different depending on the size and complexity of your organization, but in all cases reliable information is a prerequisite for confidence in the value of the organization of the investor and the public as well as the organization itself Auditors Office and the professionals do more than provide quality high for the audit, accounting and business services. It also relies on the experience in the industry of business. Services include: • Audit and in accordance with international standards.
• Commercial services.
• Develop strategies for the growth of the business.
• Develop financial systems of management.

Economic feasibility studies

The preparation of the economic projects of the most important steps for the success of these projects, as the proper planning of projects ensures the success and effectiveness of these projects, in addition to financial return (profit) good expected from these projects. So before you start any project economic feasibility must be done to him and the Office provides the most professional service by professionals with great experience in this area.

Management and financial consulting

Always possible to keep your team in top management increased training with the breadth of experience and skills necessary to develop and implement strategies to improve the effectiveness in many cases, it is common to look at from the outside and the source of the skills required on the basis of short, medium or long term .. These services include:
• Management consulting
• The efficiency of the
• Production and Operations Advisory
• Public Sector Consulting
• Human resources and organizational development

Budget preparation

Financial statements are prepared legal form compatible with international standards and laws regulating business in Qatar and provide reports with a detailed explanation of the terms of the financial statements of the Department to assist in the decision.

Establishment of companies & liquidation

We set up new companies in terms of legal form and the administrative and financial and official papers of the various state departments and the extraction of the record trade and taxation, as well as we liquidate the companies operating and providing documents to the crisis, the liquidation process.


We provide customer service of the masters of tax, where Ultimate is prepared tax returns for companies and submitted to the competent authorities of the state and follow up its own procedures.

Assessment of economic projects

We evaluate projects in terms of economic productivity and profitability and assist in providing some solutions to increase profitability of the companies.

Audit Services

Audit is more than a legal formality. It is the key to maintaining the confidence of the stakeholders - shareholders, lenders, customers, suppliers, regulators, and society in general, of any organization. It is a necessity to protect one's business and promote its growth. At AWS Auditing & Accounting, we go beyond providing authenticity to our client’s financial data. Our audit team, that is well versed technically and equipped with valuable experience and knowledge helps our clients to manage risks, comply to legal and standard requirements’ and improve the overall business. Our auditing services include:-

• Statutory Audit (Year-end opinion on the overall financial statements)

Our Statutory Audit engagements are rooted in a close and sound understanding of each client, the business and its environment, enabling us to provide a high quality driven audit, tailor made for every client. This enables us to focus on the key business risks our clients are facing, how these risks are controlled, and how they impact the financial statements on a continual basis.

Through robust audit tools, resources and procedures, our audit team provides assurance to shareholders and lenders regarding the health and performance of the company and also to the regulators. We conduct our audits in accordance to international standards of auditing and international financial reporting standards ensuring compliance with the statutory requirements.

• Tax Audit (In compliance with the income tax laws and regulations of Qatar)

In accordance with the Tax Law No. 21 (2009) a corporate tax return (along with Qatar based audited financial statements) is required to be filed by all entities (unless exempt for 100 percent wholly Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) owned companies). To comply with the local tax laws and regulations, we provide our clients with specialized tax related services by conducting timely audits to enable us to certify their accounts for tax purpose, to provide the certification required for the tax return filing and also provide professional guidance to comply with the requirements of tax laws and regulation.

• Internal Audit (Independent controls and system process assurance)

Internal audit goes beyond just being an assurance engagement. It is a catalyst creating value for the business that enables organizational objectives to be met. At AWS Auditing & Accounting, we provide flexible, scalable and sophisticated services to meet our client’s unique needs by conducting process review on existing processes and controls, identifying business threats and conducting periodic review of accounts and internal control services. We also provide internal audit performance improvement services by recommending improvements on key performance and advise the management if its major operations have sound systems of risk management and internal controls.

• Inventory Audit

A physical inventory check is mandated to place an accurate value of the inventory in the financial records and also to review the risks and controls of the company’s physical counting process of the inventory. Through our Inventory Audit service, we provide our clients’ with stock counts, valuation of stock, review of inventory process and checking the inventory against purchase and sales. Our service ensures a confirmed inventory – both in value and volume, accurate financial report and also assures that there are no flaws in the process.

• Debtors (Receivable) Audit

The Debtors Audit service provided by us provides our clients’ with assurance that the receivables processes and controls are satisfactory and free from significant deficiencies. We ensure the authenticity of the receivables records and also the procedures for monitoring accounts receivable balances and writing off bad debts.

Tax Services

Audit is more than a legal formality. It is the key to maintaining the confidence of the stakeholders - shareholders, lenders, customers, suppliers, regulators, and society in general, of any organization. It is a necessity to protect one's business and promote its growth. At AWS Auditing & Accounting, we go beyond providing authenticity to our client’s financial data. Our audit team, that is well versed technically and equipped with valuable experience and knowledge helps our clients to manage risks, comply to legal and standard requirements’ and improve the overall business. Our auditing services include:-

In Qatar the authorities believe in business with social responsibility and as such there is a tax levied on most business activities within the state of Qatar. Taxes usually keep the business awake and our team of experts are here to give our clients’ that peace of mind in such a dynamic environment where the rules and regulations are ever changing We will keep them posted of the new developments that are significant to the business and help interpret the many rules and regulations. Our extensive tax services includes;-

• Filing of Income Tax Return

We provide income tax services in compliance with Law No: 21 of 2009(Qatar Tax Law). Our services include calculation of income tax, filing of tax, obtaining Income tax clearance certificates and tax card applications related services.

• Filing of Withholding Tax Return

The introduction of a withholding tax (WHT) system is one of the most significant developments to Qatar’s tax framework. Tax registered entities making payments to its suppliers, vendors etcetera must now self-assess and deduct WHT where applicable and submit the same to the Public Revenue and Tax Department. At AWS Auditing & Accounting, we provide our clients with expert advice and service of filing of withholding tax return, relieving our clients of the complexities associated with it.

• Cross border tax planning

As business transcend borders, beyond the tax laws of one country, it becomes increasingly complex. We assist our clients with completion of tax returns, on relevant policies and remuneration and other matters that will help them understand how domestic and overseas tax systems interact and take a coordinating role in managing clients' worldwide tax affairs.

• Interpretation of Various Tax Treaties,Provision,Rules,Procedures

The Tax laws and rules are subject to constant change and amendments. Keeping up with these changes can be time consuming and mind boggling at times. At AWS Auditing & Accounting, we relieve our clients from that burden by providing round the year advice and consultancies on matters related to tax treaty provisions, rules and procedures by our team of experts.

• Compliance of Tax Issues and Matters

A time and resource constraint makes it difficult for many organizations to strike a balance between addressing mandatory reporting requirements and focusing on tax issues. AWS Auditing & Accounting provides Compliance Services that offers our clients the opportunity to pursue cost and time efficiencies as well as access to specialists for tax technical consulting. Our tax compliance framework builds in standardized processes and advanced technology, with a focus on smooth transitions, tax planning, tax compliance risk management, and client satisfaction.

Financial Advisory Services

In an ever changing economic landscape, anticipating the needs of the business owners and the investors and providing substantial and sustained value for the business while facing the challenges of change, has been of prime importance to us. We provide comprehensive financial, economic and strategic advice to companies with complex business problems or disputes. With our pool of experience we provide a complete range of financial advisory services serving as a trusted advisor and long term business partner to our clients. Our specialized advisory services in critical areas of corporate and business finance include:-

• Performance Evaluation Report (monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly)

Through performance evaluation services, we enable our clients to achieve business performance improvement. We help organizations to evaluate the opportunity to improve performance by designing and prioritizing plans and strategies and providing valuable advice regarding its implementation, through our concerted approach and timely reports (monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly).

• Financial Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is a crucial component during the early development of any project. Our Feasibility studies help organizations to assess the viability, cost and benefits of projects before financial resources are allocated. They also provide independent project assessment and enhance project credibility. Equipped with such information, clients will be able to make the best decision in light of the cost/ benefit analysis, risk analysis and critical success factor analysis.

• Business Valuation with Various Methods

Business valuation may be required for many reasons like mergers and acquisition, tax purposes, basic book keeping and accounting, financial reporting, dispute resolution, strategic planning and business analysis. Valuations are subject to change over time. Our business valuation team performs valuation of business entities, intangible assets, stock and other securities ensuring a committed and responsive service.

• Incorporation and Winding up of Company A decision to incorporate or wind up a company is accompanied by financial and legal compliance. With our years of local experience and dealing with a large number of clients, we assure our clients with the highest degree of quality advice and guidance to put their decision into a reality by assuring them a tailor made service appropriate to their situation.

• Credit Syndication & Credit Enhancement

An organization’s external fund requirements may be met by a syndicate of credit institutions. Our Credit syndication services will assist our clients in estimating fund requirements of the firm, selecting banks and financial agencies, preparing the applications and the doing the requisite follow up.

• Due Diligence

Business opportunities go hand in hand with business risks. We help our clients to validate and ensure increased business value in their deals by interpreting complex financial information and develop comprehensive due diligence and compliance. Our services extend into financial, tax, commercial and operational due diligence.

• Investment Advisory services

Organizations in Qatar are benefiting from a sustained period of steady growth and infrastructure investment, opening them to both opportunities and challenges of productive investment. We provide professional advice that will help our clients increase value of their business, generate a new revenue stream and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

• Acquisition,Merger and Takeover plans Executing/Implementation

Mergers and acquisition is the path to fast growth. However it is often coupled with uncertainty and risk. We ease this painstaking process by providing professional advice on a range of transactions, including sales, acquisitions, strategic partnerships, joint ventures and divestitures. We enable our clients to make better decisions by enhancing your knowledge on the inherent and avoidable risks and also deliver value in the transactions through business wide diligence across costs, revenue, systems and compliance.

Accounting Services

The success of every business is linked to maintaining the confidence of its stakeholders. This is in turn tied up with the accuracy of the financial information and proper accounting. Lack of local knowledge and updated accounting standards can make dealing with accounting issues frustrating. We provide our clients with efficient day to day accounting services enabling our clients in focusing on their business. Our accounting services include:-

• Outsourced Bookkeeping

Maintaining and recording accurate accounting records of detailed transactions is essential to produce the requisite financial information crucial for making decisions. At Dr. Sultan Hassan Al Dosari Auditing & Accounting, we provide our clients with the highest quality book keeping services including journal and subsidiary ledger maintenance, bank reconciliation statement and receivables, payables analysis. Our expertise services is focused on simplifying the day to day book keeping and enabling our clients to focus on what you do the best- managing your business successfully.

• Office Based Accounting

Proper accounting is the backbone of accurate financial information and eventually sound policies. Our highly qualified team of accounting professionals can be your accounting department handling all the accounting services with the highest level of efficiency at our premises.

• Accounting Supervision

We provide accounting supervision services to those clients that perform onsite accounting functions, but at the same time feel they need the support of a highly qualified accounting organization. Our qualified team of accountants can assist you in-house accounts department in verifying accounting documentation, analyzing balances, help ensure the completeness and accuracy of accounting documentation and also equip the employees with in depth knowledge of accounting related issues. We provide part-time & full –time accounting supervision services ensuring that the reporting and accounting is as per IAS and IFRS.

• Accounting System Setup

Only a good accounting system can enable proper record keeping and controls. However choosing the most suitable accounting system that is compatible to each firm's needs and nature of business can be a mammoth task amidst the numerous packages available in the market. As accounting professionals, we have knowledge of most programs, either through personal experience, or industry literature. Our experienced staff can help our clients choose and implement the system that best fits our clients needs.

• Training of Accounting Software

Installation and training of any accounting software can be a time consuming process. We undertake this task for our clients by training them in better understanding and handling the installed software. We are committed in keeping them abreast with the latest tools and knowledge relating to the software installed.

• Complete Accounting Solution

Through a combination of consulting skills, local expertise and experience we provide complete accounting solutions to all our clients, regardless of its nature and stage of growth. With a highly flexible and mobile team of professionals we ensure a wide range of accounting services and sustainable business improvement.

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